About us

Who we are?

A start-up founded in London born out of a collaborative effort of two digitally minded individuals. With skill sets that complement each other, we are able to achieve and meet our clients business needs. With a combined commercial experience spanning over 15 years, we have worked with major brands covering B2B and B2C industries. Together, we have developed Xite, a brand that represents our vision of what online/offline digital solutions ought to be. This vision involves understanding our clients needs and delivering long term solutions that are sustainable and effective making life simple. Xite is our answer to online/offline digital solutions, lead generation program consultation, insight, multi-channel marketing, functional/technical consultation, social media integration and business marketing campaigns using bespoke websites, emails, and print.

We will work relentlessly with you to design your brochure, create your brand, build your web site to help you stand out from the crowd. It's not just about the creative and technical material. We offer a wide range of solutions all under one roof focusing on simple, effective and honest designs that deliver and achieve your desired objective without the clutter and needless jargon.

In addition, we will throw in our years of expertise, suggesting ways you might want to take your ideas such as finding a dynamic marketing solutions and personalisation. We take pride in ourselves for offering the best for our clients:

  • Mobile site and application development
  • Web design & development
  • Logo design & graphic design
  • SEO (Search engine optimisation)
  • Customising Facebook fan pages
  • Customising Twitter backgrounds
  • Direct marketing consultancy
  • Email marketing program
  • Print communication & print design
  • English and Arabic support
  • Available 24 hours Monday - Sunday

Expand your business potential with Xite Creative Solutions!

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