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Personalised direct marketing is a discipline that enables marketers to finally send the right message, to the right person, at the right time and via the right channel. Xite Creative Solutions can guide and consult on realistic options and marketing solutions based on your business needs and data in your possession. Digital marketing campaigns are only as good as the data available. With the right data, artwork, channel, and strategy response rate can and engagement can be considerably boosted.

Direct marketing combines data, insight, messaging and creative to create carefully targeted and highly personalised and relevant marketing campaigns, which can be delivered via any channel, print, email, mobile, web applications and social media. This combination produces powerfully engaging one-to-one communications, which are ultimately more responsive and more impactful than the traditional 'one-to-many' or 'one size suits all' approach.

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This strategy has further potential to grow into a form of dynamic content marketing where by data collection and/or real-time inbound communication can feed back into a system for re-marketing purposes. This is more successful because it is driven by data, intelligence and relevance. This allows direct marketers and businesses to finally communicate with their customers and prospects as the individuals that they are.

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